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Relevant sections on Advance Care Planning in the House bill released 10/29/09.  This replaces HR 3200 Section 1233 Advance Care Planning Consultation

It is imperative that national health care reform initiatives recognize, and be based upon, the value of informed discussions between patients and their health provider that focus on the patient's goals for care and guide the patient's treatment preferences for their last months and years of life. Further, once these tough conversations occur, it is essential that health care professionals follow these medical orders in an emergency. This is the essence of the "Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment" Program.

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The Facts

Quality Improvement in End-of-life Care Needed

  • Advance care planning is person-centered and based on an individual's goals for care. Conversations are best had at a time when a person can express what is important to them and understand the options.
  • Surveys reveal 80-90% of individuals would prefer to die peacefully at home.
  • More expensive care is not always better care. Recent research shows thoughtful advance care planning discussions result in less aggressive treatment, lower stress, earlier hospice referral and a better quality of life for the person who is dying as well as comfort and support for those who are grieving the loss of their loved ones. Higher costs were associated with worse quality of death and worse bereavement adjustment.

Advance Care Planning Consultations Needed

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