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Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment - Professionals

Archived Educational Resources (Power Points and Curriculum)

The MOLST PowerPoints and Curriculum are presented for self-study and for sharing among MOLST Champions and educators.


For more information about the MOLST Program, view the video "Honoring Patient Preferences: The Role of Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (MOLST) in New York State", an educational video that describes the core curriculum and assures professionals recognize MOLST is based on effective communication among patients, families and providers, documentation of medical orders and system responsiveness in the event of an emergency. If you wish to share materials, contact usMOLST Form revisions and legislation

  • NYSDOH Training Academy
    • Hospital and EMS Surveyors - pdf | pps
    • Long-term Care Surveyors - pdf | pps
  • Medical-Legal Professionals - pdf | pps 
  • EMS Training Curriculum
    • First Responders Non-Transporting - pps
    • Information for EMS Transport Providers and ALS Technicians -pps
  • Health Care Professionals - pdf | pps
  • Hospital Professionals - pdf 
  • Long-term Care Professionals - pdf 
  • Ombudsmen - pdf | pps