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PediatricsWisdom from Partnership For Parents is devoted entirely to helping parents cope with the undeniable stress a diagnosis of a life-threatening illness places upon the family.

Most of us are not very good at asking for help when we need it. We are used to being able to take care of our families on our own. And though our friends and family may want to help, they probably do not know how to offer it or even what would be helpful right now.

This is a time when you need to learn to accept the help you need. In doing so, you give others the chance to do something good for you and that makes them feel better at the same time. Being on the receiving end is a difficult thing for many. It is one of the gifts you do receive in this time of trials and worries and a gift you give to others.

No matter where you are in this journey, you share something with every other parent of a child with a serious illness - we find ourselves pacing the floor in the middle of the night, worrying and wondering. We want to do everything we can to ease our child’s pain and help them live fully.  Lack of sleep, money worries, work pressures, the needs of our other children, our spouses and our relatives—everything has an effect on our ability to cope.

Other parents just like you have done it and are doing it right now.

For specific information on a variety of questions related to your child’s physical needs, the emotional struggles of each person in the family, and ideas for maneuvering within the health care system try one of the following websites: